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  • What does Unlocking Mean?
  • What is the difference between Factory Unlocking to Jailbreaking Unlock?
  • Why Factory Unlock your phone?
  • How do I Factory Unlock my phone?
  • How long does this unlocking process take?
  • What does Blacklisted mean?
  • What is Factory Locked?
  • My Phone is Factory Unlocked but it says NO SERVICE!
What does Unlocking Mean?

Most cellular phones are locked to a service provider packaged with that carriers promotional software and apps. So when you purchase a Rogers phone it will be locked to Rogers and changing providers is not possible. The phone would simply say something like "sim network locked" or "Emergency Calls Only". This would be the same for any other locked network like Bell, Virgin, Telus, Fido or many more.

Factory Unlocking is when you unlock your cell phone carriers restrictions allowing you to use a different service carrier provider.

What is the difference between Factory Unlock to Jailbreak Unlock?
OFFICIAL FACTORY UNLOCK: Most phones are Factory Locked to the service provider, for example an iPhone may be locked to Rogers and can not be used with any other service provider. Factory Unlocking is when your phone can be used with any service provider. This is the official and recommended way to unlock your phone and once done will always be unlocked to use with any service provider.
JAILBREAK UNLOCK: Jailbreak unlock is software based and requires hacking your phones operating system. This only usually applies for iPhones and we DO NOT recommend this procedure for it could damage your phone unusable. You can never update your firmware with Jailbreak Unlocks or you will lose your Jailbreak Unlock and will restore to original locked provider.
Why Factory Unlock your phone?
There is many reasons why one would factory unlock ones phone, the most popular reason is so you can always change your carrier service provider to another service provider of your choice. Another good reason is to avoid roaming charges when on holidays or in an area where your providers is not available giving you the opportunity to purchase a local carrier SIM of your choice. Here is a few other reasons why Factory Unlocking could benifit you:
  • I bought a second hand phone for a great deal but it does not work with my service provider.
  • My current contract is ending and I want to change service providers but keep my phone.
  • I travel out of country often and would like to use a Pay As You Go to avoid roaming charges.
  • We have several company phones that don't work with our new service provider.
  • I got this phone as a gift but does not match my service provider.



How do I Factory Unlock my phone.

All we need to know to Factory Unlock your phone is the IMEI number and current Locked Carrier Service Provider. Proceed to our online quote form and input the required fields and submit your request. We then submit your information and once we receive your code we let you know and assist you with your unlocking procedure. Some phones require a few different steps then others but we can help you with that as well.

If for any reason the incorrect information like IMEI or Locked Carrier is given for submission, can cause a delay and or rejected submission.

If your device is Blacklisted we can NOT Factory Unlock. We can NOT refund you if your device is found Blacklisted.

How long does this unlocking process take?

It normaly takes about 1-5 business days from the time of IMEI submission for Factory Unlock request and for you to receive code but it mainly depends on how busy the servers are at the time of submission. Most of our Factory Unlocks are same-day next-day but we can not guarantee any time frame. Sometimes the servers have a hard time recgonizing device model and or carrier type which can cause delays.

If for any reason the incorrect information like IMEI or Locked Carrier is given for submission, can cause a delay and or rejected submission.

NOTE: Apple phones DO NOT get unlocking codes but are unlocked by connecting to iTunes once process is complete with server. This can take up to 1-5 days normally for process to be be complete and then at that time you may insert a non invalid sim card and connect to iTunes.

What is BLACKLISTED mean?

Blacklisted devices have been reported Lost or Stolen and put on a national list. Once reported and found, it is very difficult to get Unblacklisted, meaning the phone is unuseable.

If your device is Blacklisted we can NOT Factory Unlock. We can NOT refund you if your device is found Blacklisted.

What is FACTORY LOCK? Why can I NOT unlock my phone?

Most phone manufacturers only allow 10 attempts to input factory unlocking code succefully. After the 10th attempt of failed input of code the phone IMEI becomes Factory Locked and will no longer be able to be unlocked and will be forced to use the original carrier service provider.

It is important for our customers to know if the phone or device to be unlocked has not been previously attempted or is already factory locked. We can not refund devices that are factory unlocked or if customer inputed code incorrectly.

My Phone is Factory Unlocked but it says NO SERVICE!
Providing the phone has a valid active SIM card inserted propperly and phone is NOT Blacklisted there can be many reasons why your phone could say NO SERVICE. The most common reason is that the phone is Blacklisted.
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